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Digital badges, but actually cool.

Earn verifiable digital badges for skills, achievements, and all the amazing things you do. Build collections and create your own badge board. Show off via LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and GitLab.

And guess what? They're not NFTs.

Loved by people. For real.
Holopin lets organizations issue, and people collect digital credentials that spark joy & make you stand out.
Craig Dennis
I got the Twilio SIGNAL Demo Challenge 2022 badge from Twilio!
Moby surfing! I got the Surfer Moby badge from @Docker for participating in #Hacktoberfest! Yupi!!🎸🐳πŸ₯³πŸ’ƒπŸΎ
Michael labrecque
I like how my github looks nicer with my new @holopin_ badges. I really look forward to collect more of them :>
A wholesome way to celebrate awesomeness.

Holopin is a platform that allows you to issue digital badges that people love.

Recognize accomplishments, motivate learning, reward employees and promote company culture in a whole new way.

Create maximum affinity
Forget boring, lifeless badge JPEGs & certificates. Instead, brighten people's email inboxes with shareable sticker-like digital badges crammed full of personality.
Automate & integrate
In addition to a web interface, Holopin also comes with an API that lets organizations automate issuing badges by hooking it up with their existing applications.
Sticky user features

Holopin offers users a fun, customizable board that you can stick your favorite badges to.

Fun fact: the idea for Holopin was inspired by laptop stickers!

No-fuss issuing process
Organization members can upload a badge image following our guidelines, include a short description, and a little bit of metadata about the badge. And it's ready to go!
Get Holopins for your organization

Join the organizations who already use Holopin badges to recognize community members, reward achievements, motivate learning, and increase their brand awareness.

All in a way that people love.

Finally, the<input>at the bottom of every single landing page!
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